Today I thought I would quickly share one of my recent  concept development for an interior design project… The aim was to design Modern version of the traditional Majlis (private Arabian traditional place where guests sit and have long talks) which will be located at the back garden.

The interior style is casual yet sophisticated. I introduced a warm, soft colour scheme combined with oversized soft cushions to match the low seats and created an inviting atmosphere.

Below are some inspirational visuals which reflect the warmth and tone we have added to the design concept…


Front view

If you are looking to work with an interior designer who can create and develop a unique concepts for you & your business, feel free to get in touch.


We are definitely living in a moment of big changes to our daily routine and as we are spending most of the time in our homes we will soon pay more attention in spaces that we are living in and the way we design them. So let me inspire you today by incorporating a NEW colour in your home to bring some fresh a vibe and boost our productivity for those working from home. 

As soon as it was announced the colour of this decade by trend forecasting company (WGSN), Neo- mint colour was seen both in interiors and fashion catwalks. So be one of the first to change and start using Neo-Mint shade in your home today.

When it comes to a colour for 2020, Neo Mint [will harmonise] science and technology with nature. It has a cool, futuristic tech feel but also connects with plant life and nature. – WGSN

Here’s some inspiration on how you can effortlessly include this cool colour into every room in your home.

It is a versatile, fresh, natural tone beautifully reflects the fusion of tech and nature.

If you want a complete room lift then Paint is a great way to embrace a bolder colour palette and update the entire look of your room in an instant. Add a playful element with tiles, alternatively introduce a touch of mint through home accessories, bed linen and window dressings.

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Source 1 / 2


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For even more inspiration, take a look at my Pinterset board curated for this colour trend.


One of my favourite design element is lighting not only its powerful tool that has the ability to affect our emotions , but its also one of the best way to reflect our style. Well-designed lighting can enhance our experience and affects our health and well- being.

Sometimes you don’t have the time or budget to change what’s there, but you know you need to do something that doesn’t involve calling the electrician. So, here are my top 5 ways to easily transform a room with lighting.

FIRST, let’s know the basics…
While it’s important to craft a balanced interior space, it’s always good idea to include at least 3 sources of light in each room:
General Lighting: One of the first layers of lighting used in modern interiors which could be a combination of other light sources.
Ambient Lighting: General, soft illumination that sets the mood. and create an ambient glow.
Task lighting: As it sounds like, it’s the light you need to perform tasks such as reading, cooking, applying makeup, etc.
Accent lighting: Its the third layer of the lighting and the best option to highlight a certain feature whilst creating a bit of drama to space.

1 – Plan the flow:

Whether you are renovating from scratch or redecorating a room, it’s important to produce a lighting plan to highlight the type of activity and specific items. The style, scale and output are the key things to considering when placing each light.

Placing spotlights on your main hall can be a good idea, as it creates a good spread of light needed to be able to see as soon as you enter.

2 Upgrade your design aesthetic:

Nowadays, it’s easy to get caught up in design trends and feel like your home is behind the times or outdated. A quick and easy way to give a room a new look is to switch out old lamp shades for new ones. It can be as simple as changing the colour of the existing shade or to get a whole new style to completely transform the feel of the room.

A QUICK TIP: Its always a good idea to add a dimmer which will allow you to change the mood and brightness of your lighting depending on the time of day.


Always ask yourself how you want each room to feel and which elements you want to highlight or hide. For example, hanging series of pendants lights can add direction and brighten up your space in a beautiful way.

Low, warm lights creates an intimate, relaxed atmosphere while bright lighting produces a more lively atmosphere. A good functional lighting should offer the right amount required to perform our daily activities without making us feel uncomortable.


Lighting comes in different size and shapes, so it’s also important to think about the amount of light it will produce. At the end of the day, you don’t want to live with a lighting fixture that will take up a lot of space in your tiny flat.

5 Add personality:

Modern Lighting definitely does not have to be boring or plain it should make an impression and tell your story. Reflect your personality whether it’s through placing a colourful group of pendant lights or a sophisticated single decorative light to create a magical ambience.



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HELLOO FALL! Now, that’s its officially feels like autumn. I’m ready for the change that fall brings which transitions us from summer to winter. And as the temperature drops, its time to update our homes/interior spaces with a new colour scheme.

I’m currently obsessed with Burnt Orange colour which brings a burst of energy to any space. It’s a medium-dark rich tone creates a sense of warmth and comfort making it one of my favourite colours for this season.

So keep on scrolling down for more inspiration.


Burnt orange colour is known for generating senses of happiness and energy and it could easily be paired with other warm colours such as burgundy, yellow or gold for a sophisticated look. For a light neutral look simply pair it with beige, navy or white.

A quick tip: Use it as an accent colour and consider pairing with cool dark shades for a sophisticated look



I don’t know what it is, but every year around this time I feel the need to move and change (almost) everything around in my home. Does anyone else feel this way?

Fancy some more inspiration? Have a check out my Pinterest board for more creative inspirations.